The following reflection 'Reachers not preachers' is by Tom Cahill

Where would we be without scientists? Certainly not in the calmest place on earth. For it is they who have pinpointed just that place. The mother of all Ďgetawaysí you might think, but donít make plans to go there just yet. Problem is itís not a gorgeous tropical island but an icy plateau in Antarctica. Situated several hundred miles from the South Pole this place, sporting the alluring name of Ridge A, has an atmosphere so still that stars donít twinkle there. Its air is 100 times drier than the Saharaís. And its average winter temperature of -70įC makes it the coldest place on earth too.

But when weíre looking for a calm refuge from lifeís stress and strain we donít have to budge from where we are. We find peace and calm in our hearts, or we donít find it at all. One of the surest things to disturb oneís peace of mind is a relationship gone sour. One where communication has ceased. Communicating well calms the heart. Itís interesting that the first effect of Godís Spirit coming upon the apostles is their new ability to communicate without barriers to all and sundry.

In less dramatic fashion thatís true today too. Nobody has much difficulty with understanding the language of goodness, kindness and love. A smile says the same thing in any language. It doesnít need translation. Neither does a helping hand. Itís not preachers that we need today to spread Godís word but Ďreachersí Ė people who reach out to others be they Parthian, Medes, or Elamites Ė or their modern-day equivalents.
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