‘Hassled families need to hear this message, that rising to attend to a child at 3 o’clock in the morning is holy and is a prayer, that breastfeeding is a prayer, that making time to listen and explain is a prayer, that teaching children to ride a bike is prayer, that training them to do chores at home is a prayer and that playing football in the garden is a prayer.’ ~Michael Quinn

Parents have initial difficulties in accepting that many of the things they do at home are deeply spiritual. How does one believe that ironing clothes, changing nappies, making lunches, playing cards or making love has anything to do with God? The answer is simple, when any act is done in love and out of love we can be certain that God is there too. This should be inspiring and liberating. Formal religious practice in the past often put blinkers on people’s eyes in their search for God. This has changed considerably today and the blinkers are down but maybe they need to come down more. God’s presence can be found where ever love is. These many miracles of love are often to be found at home. There is a lot of prayer going on quietly and without fuss each day. It would be a pity to take it for granted.
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