A wise counsellor once said that the ability to close some doors and never to open them again is one of the principal signs of maturity. ~Robert P.Maloney

Doors are something we take completely for granted. We open them, we close them, we lock them and sometimes we leave them swinging neither here nor there. We begin our journey through Holy week. On the spiritual calendar it is a week of great significance. During the week we recall significant moments of the final journey of Jesus to the cross. Maybe the story does little for us any more or maybe it stirs something within us that gets us thinking. We get in touch this week with many of our emotions, particularly struggles, being let down, failure, disappointments, darkness, evil and so on. These could be described as doors, some of them still open and swinging in our lives. The invitation is to close some of them and begin to open new doors. Easter is all about exploring these new doors but before that can ever happen we must first begin to close some doors in our lives. Holy week is an ideal opportunity to begin to close some of them.
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