‘Confirmation is a commitment for young people who pledge themselves to Jesus Christ and the Church. When people take on a commitment they dedicate themselves to something special. They put their hearts and their energy into something that is important to them. They know that the commitment they are undertaking will require discipline, generosity and perseverance.’ ~From yesterday’s Scoil Barra Confirmation booklet in Ballincollig

Confirmation ceremonies are taking place in many churches at the moment. Great effort is put in at school and parish to make this a memorable occasion. Anyone who attends such a ceremony is always touched by the energy, enthusiasm and vibrancy of the occasion. This doesn’t happen by chance and clearly the presence of God’s spirit is alive and vibrant. Maybe we take the spirit of God for granted in our lives. The Holy Spirit always invites us from a place of closed doors, darkness, fear, worries, obstacles, apathy and despair into a place of openness, vibrancy, colour, energy, healing, possibility, hope, teamwork, honesty, generosity and perseverance. It is always an invitation and never forced. As we pray for all those making their Confirmation at this time, we too are invited to be open to God’s spirit in our lives.
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