‘Change. All is change. Change can terrify us. It can thrill us. Each day, yes today, we will be confronted with opportunities to grow or stay set in our ways, to change or to stay fixed, to explore or batten down the hatches.’ ~Joe Armstrong

Change is the heartbeat of life. If there wasn’t ongoing change we wouldn’t be here today. Our capacity to change and adapt is crucial to our ability to survive and thrive. But change can also be difficult because no one likes to move out of our comfort zone. At the heart of our Gospel stories is change. Jesus met so many who were stuck in a rut and afraid to move forward in their lives. He helped each one take that first step forward. Today we can explore the many opportunities and possibilities that make up this day or we can batten down the hatches. We ask God today to help us explore change, to be open to new beginnings and to be open to the God of surprise in each of our lives.
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