'When we accept the darkness then finally we can stop pretending. No longer do I need to conceal the cracks - impatience, sharp temper, a spirit of judgement, lust, lying, envy. I am all of these but more. I am also compassionate, sensitive, charitable. I never condemn the whole because a part of me is disordered. I work on that and with the grace of God I can make progress.' ~Martin Tierney

Isn't it so often that we allow the cracks to take over and dominate our lives. Much of low self esteem and lack of confidence is because we see only the cracks. The cracks will always be there and its a fool who thinks otherwise. But if we take all the positive and good in our lives the cracks begin to look insignificant. Cracks have the potential to get bigger and multiply if we don't deal with them in the context of God's love for us and also the great love and goodness we generate each day. Today is a good day to begin to accept the cracks but importantly not to allow them dominate.
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