‘The greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest people.’ ~Julius Hare

Big is always impressive and appealing but small can be just as effective and more direct. In the bigger picture our small contribution to life may seem insignificant, yet it is the most important of all. Scripture refers to our contribution as being ‘the corner stone’ or ‘foundation’ of life. Do we really believe this? We live in a world where celebrities, sports personalities, pop stars and other famous people dominate the headlines. At times it seems as if nothing else matters. When we begin to compare our lot with theirs it seems they have it all. But have they? We need to take more ownership of the difference we make each day. God isn’t calling us to celebrity status but to simply just be ourselves. Why does it seem that everyone is doing their level best to make life more complicated? The more complex we make life, the more we struggle to find balance and inner peace. Sweeping changes never work successfully but is there one simple positive change I can make in my life this day? Can you make it your corner stone today and during these weeks of Lent?
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