ĎIf we think of Godís will as a force that directs us towards love, we are in good shape.í ~Carolyn Humphreys

We often say ĎItís Godís willí but do we really understand what we are saying? We often use it as an automatic or simple explanation of some negative event that has happened to us or somewhere in the world. If we believe that Godís will is love then this has to be a good starting point. This means that we can never say that a Haiti earthquake or a Madeira mudslide is the will of God. The same goes for a whole series of events that tempt us to say itís Godís will. It may be tempting but we canít go there. It would put God into the category of a cruel, dark and horrible force. We need to look at it from a different angle. God wills and always wants to breathe life, love and energy into our lives. It would be handy if like a petrol station we could top up whenever we want. While we donít have a direct connection with God, we do our best to be open to Godís gentle presence in our lives. These weeks of Lent allow us to explore the benefits of exploring this presence in our lives.
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