‘It’s strange, significant, the way things come together – eventually even gentle curves create a circle.’ ~Mary Murphy

The spiritual life is best described as a collection of gentle curves. Every curve of life in some way touches God. This means that God is connected to everything that happens throughout our lives. Even in difficult times we are helped and supported. When it comes to spirituality we can also say that Lent is like a blank canvas. Each day we can pick up the paintbrush of our lives and add colours. Like gentle curves eventually creating a circle so too with the colours of our lives. Some days our colours are bright and easy to find, while on other days our colours are scarce, lacking energy and focus. Lent is all about invitations. Each day is an invitation to simply be ourselves and to add our colour to the daily canvas of life. Lent is spread out over many weeks to give us a fair chance and even the smallest efforts on our behalf are always worth the effort.
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