ĎA man once decided to be pleasant and complimentary to everyone he saw and this even included the bus driver. He explained it in this way: 'If I am nice to the bus driver, he's likely to be nice to most of the passengers, and they, in their turn, nicer to their employers or employees, to the shop attendants, their families, so that one gesture could influence thousands of people: it's a snowball.í ~Kenneth Payne

Itís as easy to be nice as it is to be nasty. With a lot of negative news hitting us frequently, it is sometimes hard to be positive and upbeat. But itís the difference one positive upbeat moment can make, that makes it all worthwhile. One can be cynical and say one moment canít really make much of a difference. But the power of one small gesture goes way beyond our limited understanding on the difference it can make. We pray to God today and this weekend to help us understand the potential and power of a positive small gesture. Every day is full of these moments, many slip us by and yet even one alone used well, can make up for all the ones that slip by.
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