The importance of a smile!

One of the essays in yesterdays Leaving Cert English Paper was: "Write a personal essay in which you reflect on the role of humour, fun and laughter in life."
It was was well received by students. Given all the sadness and stress that has been a part of Covid 19, it was good to write about fun, smiles and laughter too.

A smile may seem small and almost insignificant and yet its impact can last a lifetime. We all know a genuine smile when we see it, radiating the inner beauty of the person within. We certainly need to smile more. We need to allow the simplicity and beauty of a smile, to express the Divine within. We need to allow it to touch others and never to underestimate its beauty. Even when we're stuck for words in the great mystery of life, from joy to great sadness, a smile can often be better than a thousand words.
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