'Aspire not to have more but to be more.' ~Saint Oscar Romero

In his book 'Dipping into Lent' Fr. Alan Hilliard speaks of a conversation with another priest about the Easter Ceremonies last year. "How did the Easter ceremonies go?" I asked. "Grand", he said. "What did you talk about at the Easter Mass?" "Nothing much," he said, "just to need to roll back a stone or two and let the light in." I've never forgotten what he said.

As we know Easter 2021 like last year is so different to our normal Easter celebrations. But the message of Easter is so welcome and is so needed.

The resurrection of Jesus has shattered the darkness. It has no escape. In its place is a great sense of hope, new beginnings and a new journey. We are not on our own. The invitation today is to roll back the stones in our own lives and let the Easter light touch our darkness. We are Easter people and without the light of the Resurrection we have nothing to hold onto. Life is meaningless without it.

I would like to wish you a very Happy Easter. Mind yourself and each other during these very difficult times. We will continue to roll away the stones to let the light in. We will also continue our prayers for you and each other during these days of Easter.
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