'It's your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life.' ~Anthony Robbins Today is the feast of Our Lady Of Lourdes. Lourdes normally thousands of pilgrims each week from all over the world particularly from Easter to September. But of course since the Covid pandemic started the shrine has been mainly closed due to the restrictions.

Lourdes is a special place that has something special. It is hard to put it into words but anyone who has visited Lourdes will know that the miracle of love works in so many different ways. Love bubbles everywhere in Lourdes. It is contagious, life giving, refreshing and so alive. Today is World Day for sick people and it is a day to make sure that God's greatest medicine called love gets shared. All of us are instruments of God's healing love. We pray today for all who are sick and we include doctors, nurses, carers and anyone who needs our prayers on this special day.
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