'Life is like a cup of tea. It depends on how you make it.' ~Author Unknown

When it comes to making tea there are so many traditions. Some like it quick and instant, throwing the bag into the cup and hoping for a quick cup. If you have time the scalding of the tea pot is one that seems to guarantee a nicer cup of tea. Some like it strong, some very weak and some middle of the road. Of course if you are from Cork, it has to be Barry's Tea!

Like tea, life depends on how we make it. Our attitude, our approach and our value system all make a difference. If we're going to sit back and hope that everything might come lucky then we are going to be disappointed. If we don't put in the effort we're also going to be let down. Each day is God's precious gift to us. Like making a cup of tea its up to us to make the most of it.
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