'Death ends a life, not a relationship.' ~Robert Benchley

It is always difficult to understand death or make sense of the loss of a loved one through death. We want our loved ones with us always and yet we know that just as we are born we must also die. The month of November is a month to pause, reflect and pray for those who have died particularly our nearest and dearest.

Many people will visit a cemetery today or at some stage during this month of November. It is not an empty or meaningless task. It's always good to remember those who have died. Our belief is that death is not an end but a beginning for the soul or spirit of the person who has died. Our belief is that our loved ones who have died are still near us but not physically with us. Trying to put this into words is never easy. They are in the place we call heaven or the place of eternal light and love.

There is a book called 'Bringing death to life' written by Patricia Scanlan. The book is a beautiful exploration of living, dying, the soul journey and the afterlife. The following lines in one part of the book stand out: "I accept death as my life companion. It exists not to frighten me but to befriend me - not to haunt me but to enlighten me. I recognise that it is not the end, but only a step on the eternal journey of light, from which I have come and to which I will return. Nothing is lost, that will not be returned."

The only words that really matter today are to our loved ones who have died. Some of these words might be: we still miss you, thank you for so many memories, you are remembered with love today, you will never be forgotten and may you rest in peace. Amen
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