Thought For The Week

The most famous book in the world is of course the bible. It has inspired millions and given so many renewed direction and hope. If one could summarize it in a few lines the following reflection is a good attempt.

Miracles do happen.
Somebody loves me, constantly and consistently.
I am not alone.
Love transforms people.
The majority are not always right.
Wonderful things can happen in the darkest moments of our lives because of the Resurrection.
Things can often look better in three days.
Death is a transition not an end in itself.
All things can work together for good.
A sigh can become a song.
Tomorrow does not have to be the same as today or yesterday.
There is a light behind every shadow.
We get what we give and equally we find what we expect.
One person can make a difference especially the person of Jesus in our lives.
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