'I need all my energy for living towards your fullness. The energy I expend in anger and resentment is diverted and lost. The energy I use for loving and praying is multiplied.' ~Margaret Silf

Some people seem to be naturally bubbly and full of energy, more have far less and for many we fluctuate somewhere in between. It makes sense to conserve and use wisely what we have. It's been well documented how anger, resentment, jealousy and hatred simply eat up much of our energy reserves. Over a long period of time it can leave us feeling totally exhausted. Any time we love, pray and reach out in God's name not only saves our energy levels but multiplies them many times over. Throughout this day I can make an effort to use my energy for living life to the full. We know what doesn't work, we know what does, and the choice will always be mine.
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