'What's Black and Amber and goes beep, beep, beep, beep? The Kilkenny five in a row open top bus reversing back into the garage!!' ~Text doing the rounds last evening

Judging by the number of texts having a poke at Kilkenny last evening, it seems that it was 31 counties shouting for Tipperary yesterday. Clearly Tipperary were outstanding and the real winner was the game of hurling in a cracking game. Kilkenny were gracious losers too and no doubt they will be back. The many neutrals watching wanted a new winner and were longing for something different and fresh. It's an in built desire in all of us and when it comes to spiritual matters the same desire is there too. We look and long for something fresh and new. Our faith and our belief in a loving God is what makes this all possible. Sometimes we take everything for granted, we drift and loose touch. It is up to us to change this and allow what we believe in make a difference in our lives. What is fresh and new is always within our reach, especially when it comes to spiritual matters.
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