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'Total Concentration'
(Archived on Tuesday - August - 03/08/2010 )

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  Photo was taken near Flatanger, north west Norway  
Our picture today is of another white tailed eagle in full flight, after picking up a fish from the sea underneath. No bird exudes such beauty, strength, power, concentration and majesty as does an eagle.


Thought on Tuesday - August - 03/08/2010

'I would say many people limit God and then don't look God up. You know, I think God is very much alive in every kind of person and every kind of walk of life and every kind of faith and religion. Because God is the whole of creation there's no way I'm gonna get a picture of that. So if I get your piece and my piece and his piece and her piece, then I have a fuller understanding than if we each have just one piece.' ~from 'Finding God Again'

It's one of the biggest traps we fall into thinking we have it all worked out when it comes to God. We never can or never will! But we certainly can get a feel for the bigger picture and that is a good place to be. God's beauty and love continues to unfold and evolve with every passing day. It is a privilege to get a taste of that each day. Such is the hectic pace of life we can often miss these beautiful moments. But God is indeed alive in every person, from every walk of life, of every faith and religion. The variety is incredible, amazing and unlimited. The biggest mistake of any religion is to claim ownership or exclusive rights. The wisest religion is the one who thanks God for their pieces but is also willing to embrace the variety of experiences of God that are out there. If each piece, viewpoint or experience of God is a colour, then we truly have an amazing canvas of colours. On its own your colour would stand out but within all the other colours it is the brightest colour of all.

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