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'All On Board'
(Archived on Tuesday - May - 25/05/2010 )

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  Photo was taken last Saturday on Valentia Island, West Kerry (Irl)  
This car ferry normally carries about 15 cars to the island but on Saturday it was transporting hundreds of people across for the start of the annual triathlon.


Thought on Tuesday - May - 25/05/2010

Africa Day is celebrated today and is the official day of the African Union. It is an opportunity to celebrate African diversity and success and a day to join Africans around the world in highlighting the cultural and social energy of the continent. To mark the day here is an African Prayer………

Lord, we pray for ourselves and for the others of this country, for the youth of Africa and of the world. We are awakening and we do not know if we are strong enough to carry the responsibility that awaits us. We come to you, Lord. You understand us. You have experience. You know what we must do and how to do it. You can lead us so that we will be the hope of our beloved countries. Help us contribute our share to the development of our countries here in Africa, and beyond. We want our faith to play its role, not because it is ours, but because you are our Father. Let us be servants to our countries, the engine in the car driving towards a good future. Remove our fears and misgivings. We ask you, Lord, let us be good road signs that we may lead many people to you. But, first of all, we must invite them. And that is the challenge! But with your Holy Spirit and in your Holy name, everything is possible. Amen.

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