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'Our Resting Place'
(Archived on Monday - May - 17/05/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)  
A buttercup became a nice resting place for some flies as they took some time out to relax over the weekend!


Thought on Monday - May - 17/05/2010

'I believe that there is - despite the fact that we humans have caused so much damage to the world, a reason for our existence on this planet. I think we are here because the universe, with all its wonder and balance needs to be marvelled at and we are the only species that has the ability to do do. We are the one species that does not simply accept what is around us, but asks why it is around us and how it works' ~written by a twelve year old child

We often don't look at the deeper questions because we are in too much of a rush. Maybe to be seen doing so puts us into the category of acting strange or odd. Our faith and belief in God allows us to search and look deeper. It is not a strange thing to do but normal and important. Life is meaningless, empty and void unless we allow ourselves ask deeper questions. We may not always get the answers but we do get a sense of something more beyond the humdrum of daily living. We get a sense that God is the great weaver in our lives, pulling threads to and fro and helping us untangle the many knots we face on our daily journey through life.

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