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Good Friday
(Archived on Friday - April - 19/04/2019 )

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  Photo was taken of a beautiful piece of craft/artwork hanging on one of the walls in Grace Dieu Retreat House, near Tramore, Co.Waterford. (Irl) from the archive 10 years ago  
Some photos need little explaining. This is one of them and today Good Friday it speaks for itself.


Thought on Friday - April - 19/04/2019

Why is today called Good Friday?

It's a simple question but also a challenging one. Why not call it Dark Friday, Bad Friday, Bleak Friday or even Horrible Friday? But why call it good? It is anything but. The story of Jesus on Good Friday may be familiar but nothing can ever take from its awfulness, the pain, the suffering, the betrayal and the desperation. It's a tragic story that has few strands of love and goodness except for the women who stood by Jesus so faithfully when everyone else ran for cover, (with the notable exception of John). Today is called %u2018Good' because we know that Jesus triumphed over evil, darkness and sin. Jesus knows better than anyone our struggles and difficulties in life. Life is fragile and so our journey through it is fragile at the best of times. We are never on our own and we are given the strength to carry whatever cross we may carry in life. We also pray for anyone we know who may be struggling or who may be carrying a particularly heavy cross in their lives. The world unites in prayer today. We pray for each other and especially those who are struggling.

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