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'Happy Easter'
(Archived on Monday - April - 01/04/2019 )

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Thought on Monday - April - 01/04/2019

Thought For Week

'I am only one but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and with the help of God I will do.' ~from 'Taste and See' by Margaret Silf

What a contrast in one week. We had beautiful sunshine over the Easter weekend and this weekend it is all about Storm Hannah and the damage she left behind her. Storms at this time of year are unusual and can produce lots of damage. Trees are coming into full leaf, so high winds can do much more damage compared to a bare tree in winter.

A storm has always had a spiritual connection. It represents the times in our lives that are difficult, challenging and overwhelming. We face the storm and know that the best place to be is to find shelter until the storm passes. We find shelter in family and friends and we find shelter from community support. We find shelter in our faith and that we are not on our own. We also find shelter in knowing we can't do everything but that we can do something small and do it well.

This is also the message of Easter. Easter is not just a one day celebration. It is celebrated over six weeks to remind us that storms will pass and do pass. We need to hear this message over and over. There is enough darkness, cynicism, evil and negativity in our world, that it sometimes feels like the storms just keep rolling in. Easter reminds us that there is life and hope after every storm.

The greatest gift Easter gives us is the gift of today. It is our day, our new beginning, our opportunity to do something knowing we can't do everything. Our something may feel small and insignificant. Easter reminds us strongly that our something small is indeed very significant. Be proud of it. Storms can stifle and stagnate our energy to do something. But storms always pass. This is what Easter is all about - you - and your ability to make something happen today.

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