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'Beach Views'
(Archived on Sunday - June - 11/06/2017 )

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  Photo was taken looking onto Portsalon Beach, Co.Donegal (Irl) Photo: Getty Images  


Thought on Sunday - June - 11/06/2017

Thought For Today by Jane Mellett on Trinity Sunday from Intercom Magazine

'God has fallen in love with us - quite literally. God has come down to earth, and opened Godself to all the raw brutality, as well as the warm tenderness, of human life.' ~Margaret Silf

God in today's Gospel is described to us as one that is very close, as one that loves the world so deeply that he was willing to give everything to it. It is hard to comprehend these statements. Why would someone love in such a way? Why would someone sacrifice in such a way? John's Gospel today tells us that it is because we are loved so deeply and so that we would come to know this love which brings life. It is not a one-off event; it is continuous and ongoing in each of our lives. Neither is it to make us feel guilty; we are told that this outpouring of God's love is not to condemn us in any way. This giving from the Father is so that we might be free from our own brokenness, that we might know how infinitely loved we are and so live a life that is full and everlasting. God rescues us from our own brokenness and offers a life that is a fuller and deeper experience.

Trinity Sunday invites us to reflect on the impossible; on the utterly mysterious. Yet we can know something of what it means to experience God's love in our lives; to have a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and to feel God's Spirit dwelling within ourselves. We can experience that same Spirit in each person that we meet, that Spirit of God indwelling in all of creation. The Trinity speaks to us of relationship, community, of fully giving and receiving.

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