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'Pilgrimage Of Colour'
(Archived on Saturday - August - 21/08/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Knock, Co.Mayo (Irl)  
The basilica in Knock stands out against a lovely skyline and beautiful colours in front.


Thought on Saturday - August - 21/08/2010

'We need God. Without God who alone is absolute, we soon lose our perspective on life and can no longer distinguish between what is important and what is trivial. Without God, we begin to fashion other little gods, wealth, success, clothes, good looks and they are cruel. They make more and more demands on us, demands we cannot cope with at times.' ~Vincent Twomey

Today is a special day in Knock, Co.Mayo. It was on this day back in 1879 when Our Lady appeared at Knock. The apparition was witnessed by 15 people, young and old. Today Knock Shrine is an international place of pilgrimage and prayer where one and a half million pilgrims come each year. What brings so many people to this place each year? It would be unfair to label these pilgrims as having it all worked out or spiritual freaks. These people are searching and yearning. They have a great sense of the need for God. They are aware that life can be a struggle and how it is often uncertain. They come to Knock to pray, to ask God and Our Lady for spiritual guidance, direction, healing and a place where they can share what is really going on in their own lives. Many of us will not be able to travel to Knock this year but we join the many thousands who will visit the shrine this weekend. We are all united in our different prayers today and in particular asking Mary's many blessings on each of us.

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