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'Flying Over'
(Archived on Monday - August - 16/08/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at Green Glens, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
In terms of the weather, yesterday was simply a perfect day all over Ireland, with beautiful sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the low 20's. It was simply a day for outdoors and many availed of the opportunity. I made it to the final day of the Millstreet horse show, with a large crowd present and some great jumping.


Thought on Monday - August - 16/08/2010

'Today those who wish to preach the gospel need to connect with their audience, speaking to them in their own language and connecting with their hopes and fears, their aspirations and disappointments.' ~Francis Cousins

If you were to do a review of the last 25 years how would you sum it up? It has been a constant evolution of changes. The biggest change has been the digital revolution and how technology has progressed at an incredible pace. From a spiritual point of view we also have to adapt to the progress all around us. Some would say is it really progress? But such an attitude will simply leave us watching from the sidelines with many opportunities slipping us by. The gospel message will always be the same, fresh, energetic and uplifting. The challenge is to connect it to peoples lives by using every modern means of communication. There is still room for tradition and bringing forward many things that worked well for us in the past. But only if we're open to exploring new methods of evangelisation.

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