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'View Through The Trees'
(Archived on Monday - August - 09/08/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Flatanger, North West Norway  
A beautiful skyline at midnight looking through a tree gives the picture a whole new depth of beauty.


Thought on Monday - August - 09/08/2010

'We are a people obsessed with appearance, with image, with looking good and with being good looking. For us today, by and large, it is more important to look good than to be good, to look healthy than to be healthy and to say the right thing rather than do the right thing.' ~Ronald Rolheiser

Image today seems to be everything. Huge amounts of money are spent on advertising telling us what to buy, what to wear, how to stay young and healthy. Appearance seems to be what we are really concerned about. There is a fear of growing old and instead an obsession with staying young forever. It is of course good to be concerned with physical appearance, on being healthy and feeling good about ourselves. But there is not enough attention on looking after the soul or spirit of each person and we have all neglected the sacred within. We carry around too many burdens, hurts, worries and scars within us. We don't give ourselves a chance to let some of them go and instead we don't give a fair chance to nurture all the goodness and reservoirs of love within each of us. In our Gospels Jesus sought to bring balance to every person, not just on the outside but also within as well. Today we are experts in what to wear, what to eat, how to exercise but we're not in balance. Unless we go the step further and nurture our soul or spirit we will always be out of balance.

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