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'Staying Close To Mum'
(Archived on Monday - July - 19/07/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
A little baby alpaca only a week old lies next to its Mum. She is only a week old and a baby alpaca is called a cria.


Thought on Monday - July - 19/07/2010

'Taking responsibility for oneself and ones actions is required for true happiness. Don't be given to blaming others for your faults, mistakes and misfortunes. They are yours, take responsibility for them, while trying to lessen and avoid them in the future. Appreciate your talents and achievements and be grateful for them. Count your blessings. This is clearly an inside job. Only you can do it.' ~Bill Cosgrave

What lovely words of wisdom. So often we look to others and other things for happiness but it can only begin with ourselves. Taking responsibility for the choices we make is often easier said than done. We are often influenced by peer pressure, by the expectations of others, by clever and seductive advertising and by expecting too much of ourselves. While our life circumstances may change, while ill health, unemployment or financial struggles may dominate, we must always have a positive attitude about ourselves. Any search for happiness requires a first step and that step will always be appreciating and feeling good about oneself. If it's not there we are trying to climb a wall and then a cliff. At the heart of our Gospel stories Jesus helped every single person take that first step. It was often life changing, liberating and a new beginning. Nothing has changed today. Are you comfortable in taking that first step?

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