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'Hey little brother/sister, it's time for you to come out!!'
(Archived on Thursday - June - 03/06/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday evening on the Casey farm, Ballinagree, Co.Cork  
A one day old chick helps its little sibling as it hatches from an egg in one of nature's amazing miracles.


Thought on Thursday - June - 03/06/2010

‘Few happineses equal the joy of finding a heart that understands.’ ~Victor Robinsoll

A king wished to learn which of his three sons was the most understanding, the wisest and in the best position to succeed him. He took his eldest son on a daylong hike. At noon after eating lunch the king said: “My son I feel a bit tired. How can we shorten our journey home?” The son said: “Father we came by the shortest route possible. We can’t shorten it.” A week later he took his second son on the same trip, posed the same question and he got the same answer as the first son. A week later the king took his third son and he asked him the same question yet again. The son said: “Father, let me think about that for a minute. Meanwhile let’s start for home.” On the way home the son asked his father to recall stories about times when he walked the same road. The father was delighted to recall memories and stories to the point where time flew and the trip was over. It was then that the king realised what his son had done. “My son your loving concern for me not only shortened our trip but it gave me the strength I needed to make it.” There are days when we think we’ve nothing to offer and yet with a little understanding, openness, listening and talking we can make the world of a difference to someone’s life.

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