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'Rescue Attempt'
(Archived on Sunday - May - 30/05/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterdy in Baltimore Harbour, West Cork (Irl)  
A sailboat came to an abrupt halt yesterday as it overturned in a stiff south westerly wind. A rescue boat was quickly on the scene to pull it further into the harbour and safety.


Thought on Sunday - May - 30/05/2010

The following reflection is by Fr.Tom Cahill

The first newspaper crossword puzzle appeared in the New York World, 1913. Englishman, Arthur Wynne, its creator, called it a word-cross. Ten years on it had soared to the status of a national craze. Even then some media people decried it as a national threat because of the hours ‘squandered’ on it by all and sundry alike.

Today, Trinity Sunday, we don’t celebrate a puzzle, but we do pay homage to a mystery. Puzzles get solved, mysteries don’t. They’re not for solving. The more you delve into a mystery the more you realise there is to delve into. Thus it is with that mystery we so abstractedly call: the Most Holy Trinity.

God is not an abstraction. God is person. Three in fact. Though no less mysterious for it, God is more accessible to our minds and hearts by being seen as Father, Son and the Spirit of love between them. God is not a cold, unfeeling, unit of isolated magnificence. He is the father running out to welcome home a repentant brat of a son. He is the Son who couldn’t resist becoming one of us even though he would have to pay the ultimate price for doing so. And, unlike pagan gods to be feared, God is Spirit inspiring love in the hearts of all people of good will. Clue: God. Four letters. Solution?

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