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'Happy St Patrick's Day'
(Archived on Tuesday - March - 17/03/2020 )

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  Photo was taken at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
St Patrick's Day is going to be so different this year with no parades or public gatherings due to the corona virus. But it is still important to wish anyone with an Irish connection a Happy St.Patrick's Day!!


Thought on Tuesday - March - 17/03/2020

'There is a distressing tendency nowadays for people who should know better, to talk about Paddy's Day rather than St Patrick's Day.' ~Cormac MacConnell

I'm not sure have you noticed it but it seems to be more common to hear about Paddy's Day. Poor St Patrick! Is it a denial of what the man stood for? This included simplicity, bravery, conviction, courage and a man who always felt God was by his side no matter what happened in his life. Is reducing him to Paddy an attempt to say that his life didn't amount to much? He deserves more.

Today is not a normal St Patrick's Day. Despite so much gloom this year with the coronavirus pandemic, we need to turn to our faith for a sense of hope and direction. St Patrick lived through difficult times too but at all times he simply put his trust in God. St Patrick survived and got through the most steepest and difficult challenges in his life We too can do the same. In what is a very difficult time for so many people I still want to wish you a Happy St Patrick's Day!

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