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'Your Turn To Be Fed'
(Archived on Sunday - December - 08/12/2019 )

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  Photo for today is from the arhive and it was taken at Loughaderra, near Castlemartyr, Co.Cork (Irl)  
During the winter months when visitors may not be as frequent as the summer, swans will always give you a warm welcome and particularly if you have bread and food. Loughaderra is on the main Cork-Youghal road and many people stop here to enjoy the views and time out to feed to swans.


Thought on Sunday - December - 08/12/2019

'Perfection is the ability to incorporate imperfection. There's no other way to live. You either incorporate imperfection or you fall into denial. That's how the Spirit moves in or out of our lives.' ~Richard Rohr

In a Navajo rug there is always an imperfection woven into the rug. The pattern is perfect and then there's one part of it that clearly looks like a mistake. But this is part of the plan, part of the Eastern mind that there is no such thing as perfection. It's a mindset that Jesus would have been much closer to and one that he often worked out of. In the western world we have built everything up around perfection especially looks, fashion and accessories. Christmas has been set up around perfection. The mindset is if you have a perfect Christmas then you'll be perfectly happy. This is false and so wide of the mark. It just can't happen. When we embrace all the imperfections in our lives and get on with the task of doing our best, then life and Christmas can take on much more meaning.

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