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'Storm Eric'
(Archived on Sunday - February - 10/02/2019 )

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  Photo was taken at Doolin, Co.Clare (Irl) Photo by Press 22  
A huge wave rolls into the Doolin coastline as part of Storm Eric, which hit Ireland on Friday and into the early hours of yesterday


Thought on Sunday - February - 10/02/2019

Thought For Today by Triona Doherty called 'Walking with the Lord'

Last July and August, hundreds of people took part in 'Walk While You Can', a walk from Letterkenny, County Donegal to Ballydehob, County Cork, to raise awareness and funds to support those with Motor Neurone Disease. The event was the brainchild of Fr Tony Coote, a priest of the parishes of Kilmacud and Mount Merrion in Dublin, who made the decision to walk the length of Ireland after himself being diagnosed with MND.

His boundless energy and zest for life, even in the face of terminal illness, struck a chord with many. People were inspired by his faith. Speaking during an interview on The Late Late Show, Fr Tony said: 'I haven't much time left, I know that. But I believe in a loving God; I don't fear death.' Fr Tony is an example of someone who is following Jesus as a disciple, while also bringing others to Jesus. In his years as a priest he has preached and lived the Gospel, and since this massive change in his health and circumstances he has found a way to spread the Good News in a new way.

His story came to mind as I reflected on today's Gospel, which tells the story of the call of Peter. We are often struck by how the first disciples 'left everything and followed him'. Are we expected to do the same? Only a rare few will literally leave behind home, friends and family. But following Jesus does require us to offer our whole selves, whatever our circumstances. Whatever our position in life, we have something unique and great to offer.

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