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'Up For Anything!!!'
(Archived on Monday - March - 05/03/2018 )

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  There were hundreds of snow pics shared during the week but this definitely was my favourite! What a special moment with 86 year old Eileen Maguire getting a lift from her grandson Jack on Sweeney's Hill, Rathpeacon, Co.Cork
This brilliant photo was taken by Deborah Maguire


Thought on Monday - March - 05/03/2018

Thought For The Week

'A Christian needs to balance the heavy and the light, like a kite that feels both the string tugging it to the earth and the wind lifting it off towards the stars. Some of us though, are so grim about our relationship with God that our religion becomes a deadly serious, white knuckled and humourless project' ~Albert Holtz

The only story all week has been the weather, the snow, the 'Beast from the East', storm Emma, the red weather alert and difficulty in finding a loaf of bread! So many warnings were issued, many photos were shared and for a whole lot of our younger generation it was the first time they have seen snow and got a chance to play in it.

In years to come the conversation will be: 'do you remember when we got all the snow in March 2018?' Our memories of snow are very few given that our winter weather has gone so mild in recent years. The snow certainly has brought some balance back in.

Lent is a great time of year to bring some balance back into our spiritual lives. Sometimes we are lob-sided, out of balance, lacking in spirituality and sometimes too much of it. There are lots of examples: busyness versus time out, stress versus relaxation, giving out versus praise, complaining versus thanks, controlling versus gentleness, anger versus calm, couldn't be bothered versus time for prayer. There are many more examples but Lent provides plenty of time and opportunities to reflect on where balance may be lacking in our lives. Thankfully getting back into balance is possible, sometimes we just need the shove!

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