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'Corpus Christi'
(Archived on Sunday - June - 18/06/2017 )

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  Today is the feast of Corpus Christi and in many villages and towns there will be local processions to mark this special feast day.  


Thought on Sunday - June - 18/06/2017

Our Thought For Today is by Jane Mellett called 'The Bread Of Life' from the Intercom magazine.

Jesus gives his whole self to us and invites us to a deep union with him. We often imagine God up in the clouds in heaven looking down at us, maybe distant, maybe disconnected. The Eucharist shows us that God is involved in the messiness of human life, present to us in Jesus' body and blood. Bread is nourishing, bread is for life, bread is food for the journey. Jesus is all of these things for us. His blood is a reminder of his death, of the brokenness of this world, of the struggles of people's lives. Christ invites people to connect their own sufferings with his.

Jesus, present with us in all of life, invites us into a deep union with himself. Flesh and blood means the whole person; 'the living bread' invites us to an even deeper intimacy. It can be a difficult passage to understand, but perhaps today you might reflect on times you felt sustained by God, strengthened by God through joyful times and sorrowful times. You might also reflect on who has been Jesus for you? Where have you seen Christ in this world, in flesh and blood?

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