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'Wild Atlantic Way'
(Archived on Tuesday - June - 06/06/2017 )

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  Photo was taken at Silver Strand Beach, Co.Mayo (Irl)  
This is Strand Beach one of the many beaches to be found on the Wild Atlantic Way


Thought on Tuesday - June - 06/06/2017

Thought For The Week

'The Spirit is the Spirit of God reaching our human spirit, giving us energy in the life of our faith and in our desire to do our best in life. Alone we can do little, together we can grow strong and with the Spirit of God we can create joy and peace together.' ~Donal Neary

We have all seen the clip at the start of the weather report on RTE, of a man on holidays in a sunny resort. He hears the weather isn't great at home with lots of rain and he shouts: "It's miserable back home." He takes great delight in making sure the word 'miserable' is loud and clear. He is delighted and wants to take a selfie of himself in the sun and send this back home! The word miserable can be used in lots of different ways but it can never be used to describe the Spirit of God. The word miserable just doesn't apply, there is no traction there and it is alien to the concept of what the Spirit of God might mean.

The opposite of miserable is joy, peace love and happiness and this is the energy of God. The Spirit of God is everywhere; it is uplifting, bright, enriching, inspirational, positive, kind, generous, full of love, inclusive, respectful and knows no limits. This energy is never static but always changing and renewing itself.

The feast of Pentecost celebrated yesterday is a wonderful celebration of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of the God or The Holy Spirit is the greatest energy or presence in our world. It is alive, active, creative and prompting us always to God's special presence in our world.

As soon as a yacht lifts up its sails to catch a breeze it becomes alive and moves through water full with purpose, energy and delight. If the sail is taken down and put away the yacht is almost lifeless and just drifts along. With regard to the Holy Spirit we have sometimes forgotten to put up our sails to catch and harness a unique presence in our world today. The invitation on Pentecost Sunday is to put up the sails up and feel the difference.

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