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'Flooded Fields'
(Archived on Tuesday - February - 04/02/2020 )

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  Our photograph today is by David Hedges  
There has been much flooding across England recently. This beautiful sunset reflection on a flooded field near the village of Moorland captures the extent of the flooding.


Thought on Tuesday - February - 04/02/2020

As a school chaplain I am very much aware of the wonderful work teachers do faithfully, day in - day out. The role is often misunderstood on the outside with the repeated line: "They have it so handy - look at all the holidays they get." Despite this many parents and students appreciate what their teachers do in school and the classroom. It is a combination of dedication, commitment, creativity, patience, enthusiasm, listening, encouragement and willingness to do ones best each day. Many of our schools are so lucky to have teachers who do this and much more besides. The following reflection is a prayer put together by a teacher called: 'I believe, Lord.'

I believe that each of my students is your child. I believe that they are a reflection of your love.
I believe that each child possesses special gifts and talents. I believe that you are entrusting me to help them discover these gifts and nurture those talents.
I believe that each child is trying to find you, and that I can be a model of how to look, how to live, how to pray.
I believe that my job is actually a mission, a ministry; that you have chosen me in this time and in this place to be there for these young people.
I believe that there is nothing haphazard about my day, about my experiences with my students or with their parents. It is all part of your plan.
I believe that you have chosen me, Lord. I believe.

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