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'River Bank Heaven'
(Archived on Tuesday - March - 03/03/2020 )

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  Photo was taken at Fitzgerald's Park, Cork (Irl)  
There is nothing like a river walk and particularly on a bright sunny March day. The daffodils along the river bank in this park, make it a delightful walk at this time of year.


Thought on Tuesday - March - 03/03/2020

A short reflection called 'Safe in the Hands of the Lord'

A child picks up a small bird that has fallen from its nest. She makes her hand into a little nest to keep it from falling. But she does not make her little hand into a cage for she has no intention of possessing the bird or turning it into a pet. Having reassured the bird that it is in safe hands, she slowly raises it up and up. Then when the moment is right, she releases it. She rejoices when it succeeds in keeping itself aloft and happier still when it flies off. That is what real love is all about.

It's the same for each of us. Jesus gently holds us in his hands. The invitation each day is to leave the nest of his hands, to do our bit, to live today well with all its richness and blessings. And whenever we want we can return to the nest, for reassurance and guidance, for comfort and protection, for direction and conversation and to know that we are always safe in the hands of the Lord.

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