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'Chasing After Mum!'
(Archived on Sunday - February - 24/02/2019 )

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  From the archive 10 years ago. Website returns as normal tomorrow after the mid term break.

Photo of Bella and her foal was taken at Ballinhassig, Co.Cork (Irl)
As we move into the last few days of February, our photo is so appropriate. It oozes life, colour, energy and everything we associate with the start of spring. We thank Rachel Lynch and George Greenlee for sharing the moment with us today.


Thought on Sunday - February - 24/02/2019

There's a story told about a tourist who visited a small village in western Africa. She saw on her walk around, a collection of television sets stacked four deep in a hut at the end of the village. This same village had received electricity just a few years earlier. No doubt some manufacturer had presented the people with the essential TV's. But the tourist was obviously confused by the fact that they were not used and so she went to talk to the village chief. She asked him, "Why don't your people use the television sets." The chief replied, "We have our storyteller." But she replied, "Maybe so, but the television has the capacity for thousands of stories." "That's true", said the chief, "but our storyteller knows us."

Nothing can compete with those who know our story best. The Gospels are a collection of stories about Jesus. Like the storyteller above, he knows us better than anyone else. Nothing can replace the intimacy, love and understanding he brings to all our lives.

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