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'Autumn Colours'
  Photo was taken at Glengarrif Woods, Glenarrif, West Cork (Irl)  
Slowly but surely our trees, woods and forests are undergoing a beautiful change of colour. The change is normally gentle but recent storms across Ireland, have put many of our trees under severe pressure, not just holding their leaves but actually staying upright
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'Our journey of faith is not simply a journey from the womb to the tomb. It is a journey from here to eternity. It is a journey from God, with God and to God. Even if we think that there is no God and life does not have a meaning, life is a journey of faith. No one can prove that God does not exist and life does not have a meaning. You have to believe it. And that act of faith starts you out on a journey of faith.' ~Rodney Kissinger

Everyone's faith journey is uniquely different. It would be foolish to try and compare ours with that of others. I am currently chaplain in a secondary school. I am always impressed, enthused and touched by the faith of young people. It is always so honest, genuine and sincere. Their openness to exploring spirituality is very impressive. It is a privilege to be a part of that journey.

The faith journey of young people is indeed different to other faith journeys but nevertheless such an important one. Some people dismiss what young people have to offer but such a dismissal is indeed a loss. Another loss is to think or say that young people have no faith or have no interest in faith matters. My experience with young people is that they genuinely are open to it, question some of it and for the most part welcome it for what it is - good news.

The one common link in all our faith stories are the difficulties we all experience but also the positive and joyful blessings we experience too. Both go hand in hand. We sometimes feel that our journey of faith is at a standstill, rock bottom and struggling. But God is with us there too. We are always held lovingly and especially when we are afraid and fearful. The idea that God can work quietly with the dead ends of our faith experience is encouraging and even exciting. Nothing goes to waste. Even our struggles and moments of doubt are in fact stepping stones. We have nothing to be afraid of.

As we walk our journey of faith, we are encouraged to take heart, to hold our heads up, to know we walk with purpose and that there is a reason why. Most importantly we walk with so many others who also have their questions, doubts and struggles but who also feel that the journey is so worth it. The journey continues to unfold today.

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