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'Worldwide Cake'
  Photo was taken at Coláiste Pobail Bheanntraí (Bantry Community College) West Cork (Irl)  
There is nothing like a good competition, strict judges and an openness to also having a bit of fun in school. The cake in our photo was one of the entries in a Bake Off Competition, as part of Geography Week. Students were invited to bake cakes with some geographical shape or texture.
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

'No river can return to its source' ~Native American Proverb

The story of the flooding in Venice has made headlines throughout the week. It has seen the worst flooding in 50 years which has also significantly damaged St Mark's Basilica in St Mark's square. The two words we are hearing so much about these days, 'Climate Change' have been used all week to explain the flooding.

While scientists cannot definitely blame an individual event on climate change, they are saying that extreme weather events like flooding or wildfires are happening more often because of climate change. Venice, already struggling with high tides, is particularly vulnerable to any further rise in the sea levels.

Flood waters have always had a deeper meaning. They are symbolic of those things that are outside our control. They are symbolic of those times in our lives when we are helpless and feeling lost. Even the poetic story of Noah and the flood has negative vibes. The story has often mistakenly been interpreted as God destroying and punishing. The story of Noah's ark in the flood is actually symbolic of God's care and protection in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

The rainbow that followed was symbolic of hope, new beginnings and a better future. In the world we live in today (and sadly this sometimes includes the Church too), it seems that hope filled stories and new beginnings are very scarce indeed. Negativity seems to be the dominant energy.

It is time to reclaim a sense of hope and embrace new beginnings. A stream or a river can never return to its source. It is always moving forward into new spaces and new directions. If it tries to remain still, it just pours out and floods. We pray for God's guidance and direction, as we embrace new pathways and new beginnings in our lives, both personally and spiritually.

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