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'Colourful Hairdo'
  Photo was taken at Altamount Gardens, near Tullow, Co.Carlow (Irl)

I have shared this page again today to mark World Water Awareness Day. The Thought For Today below sums up the importance of water and how we often take it for granted.
A peacock has a fancy hairdo to impress any passing peahens!
Thought For Today

'Water is not the limitless resource that we often think it is. We use on average 1,050 litres of water a week and the result is that the natural water tables are lowering.' ~Ruth Valerio

Many missionaries are working with the marginalised and poor across the world. Much of their work evolves around access to clean fresh water for the people whom they live and work with. We assume it is plentiful, endless and free. It is not. Currently 41% of the world's population live in areas where there is a shortage of water and by 2025 this figure will have risen to 2 out of 3 people. Access to clean water is the most basic need we have. Many missionaries in different parts of the world work hard for this basic need to be met. Even when there is access to water it is often contaminated and dirty. What can we do? We can be mindful of the need not to waste water. It is a precious gift from God. Like all gifts we can take it for granted, we can waste it or we can choose to treasure and care for it as best we can.

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