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'Moon Zoom'
  Photo was taken at Seskin, Bantry, West Cork (Irl)  
A close up of the moon reveals its own special beauty
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

'There is nothing more peaceful than to hold a sleeping baby in your arms. The baby's body totally relaxes into you. The baby gives you their total trust to hold and support them.' ~Niamh Bruce

A baby has that amazing ability to pull us into the present moment. Nothing else matters only their little world. They teach us about the importance of being present in the moment. Life so often can quickly pass us by. The moments race past us and yet we rarely allow ourselves appreciate their huge significance. Last Friday (September 25th) was the feast of St.Finbarr and he is the Patron Saint of Cork. Finbarr always had a sense of God present in everything he was doing. God wasn't someone on the fringes, distant or far away. God was literally at the center of everything.

Finbarr had this beautiful and natural sense of God in and all around him. Many feel this 'something special' in Gougane Barra where St Finbarr lived but this 'something special' can be felt too in our everyday lives. We ask the blessings of St Finbarr on all of us during the week but in particular we ask him to protect us during this Covid 19 pandemic. We pray for safety, guidance and direction as we journey through each day, knowing God is very close and near to us.

This week we have some lovely feast days.

Tuesday Sep 29th Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel
Thursday Oct 1st St Therese
Friday Oct 2nd Our Guardian Angel
Sunday Oct 4th St Francis

I will look at each one a little closer as the week progresses

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