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'Silage Making In Full Swing'
  Photo was taken last evening near Ballincollig Regional Park, Co.Cork (Irl)  
The silage season is in full swing and is always a lovely sight at this time of year.
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When you're really filled with the Holy Spirit it is impossible for those around you not to know it. ~Rod Parsley

Last Sunday was the feast of Pentecost. It is always a great feast day celebrating new life, energy, vibrancy, positivity, creativity, hope, light and so much more. It would be great if there was a simple formula in our search for God. We are often unsure where to start and how to begin. Our searches are many, from our local church, attending Mass and saying prayers that vary from traditional to deeply personal. Some find that these simply are not for them and search elsewhere. These searches can often be surprising and beautiful. They include finding God in the humdrum of daily life, music, reading, reflection, meditation, relaxation and so on. Whatever and wherever our search, it is good that we are searching. Sometimes though the search can be frustrating and lonely. This is why the support of the Christian faith community can be our bridge when we struggle and falter. The Spirit of God knows no limits. If anyone puts limits, then it is we who put them there. Pentecost Sunday is all about being open, trusting in the Spirit of God and letting the beautiful energy of God flow where it wants to. There are days too when we lack energy and motivation. But God's love for us is constantly bubbling over with life and enthusiasm. Nothing can change this. We pray to the Holy Spirit to re-energise us and to help us find the missing links on our daily journey.

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