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Saint of tooday
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'Early Morning Flight'
  Photo from the archive 10 years agon was taken at Flatanger, Norway  
Seagulls are definitely morning birds. They don't wait around for a lie in but eagerly watch any opportunity for food at dawn. This one was closely following our boat in early morning light. Everthing in the background was still in the shade which is why the bird really stands out.
Thought For Today

The following prayer for strength was written by Pope John 23rd. Some days we struggle to find the right words or just struggle to get going with prayer. This lovely prayer could easily fill those moments.

Every day, I need you Lord, but today especially I need some extra strength to face whatever is to come. This day, more than any other day, I need to feel you near me to strengthen my courage and to overcome my fear. By myself I cannot meet the challenge of the hour. We are frail human creatures and we need a Higher Power to sustain us in all that life may bring. And so dear Lord, hold my trembling hand. Be with me Lord, this day and stretch out your powerful arm to help me. May your love be upon me as I place all my hope in you. Amen

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